A Guide to Hiring a Tax Accountant

Filing tax returns is often a tedious task for many people. This is especially so for small business owners who do not remit taxes monthly like employed people. While filing tax returns is often seen as benefiting the government, there are various advantages of filing returns to an individual.

  • Filling taxes gives one an opportunity to claim refunds if they find out they overpaid taxes.
  • Filing tax returns is proof of creditworthiness. When requesting for loans, banks will often ask for a copy of tax returns.
  • Filing taxes gives an individual the right to hold the government responsible for its financial actions.  

Tax accountants make the tax filing process easy as they file returns accurately, on time, and provide tax planning advice. They also come in handy when one is in a complicated tax situation such as paying off a tax debt or fighting a tax audit. The following is a guide on how to look for a tax accountant.

Referrals are a sure way of identifying tax accountants. Ask friends, colleagues or business owners to recommend someone that has previously filed returns for them. If you consult a financial expert, be sure to explain your tax situation to enable him, or her make a proper recommendation.

Know what type of clients the accountant works with. This is the most important consideration as you would want someone that is familiar with your occupation or business. The accountant must also have experience with the taxation office. In such a way, the individual is in a better position to ensure that the process is seamless.

Do not be shy to compare the different firms or individuals that you have narrowed down to. Ask questions and evaluate how well they understand your situation. At this point inquire about the fee to be charged, and the time it will take to complete the process. Further, ensure that they uphold your privacy as their work ethics demand.

Finally, it is worth knowing if the tax accountant will file your returns themselves or they will outsource. Outsourcing does not mean that the service delivered will be of poor quality, but it is prudent to inquire who will do the work on their behalf.

Tax filing is mandatory as it ensures the government delivers its promise to the citizens. A referral is the starting point of finding a tax accountant, from there ensure that he or she understands your tax situation and is well experienced.