Commonly Asked Questions About the Australian Property Depreciation Schedule

When preparing your taxes that involve any type of commercial or rental property, you may be allowed to depreciate the value of that property every year, according to a depreciation schedule. This can lower your tax bill, as property taxes are typically calculated according to a building’s overall value as well as the value of equipment and other such pieces and features of a commercial property. If you can depreciate that value, your taxes are lower.

Top Four Ways Quantity Surveyors Can Help You Save Money on Your Construction Project

Construction projects can be expensive, and as an investor, you need to be creative about cutting costs without sacrificing quality. A quantity surveyor can help you save money throughout your project from the planning stages until the very last task is complete. Here’s a look at how these professionals can help: 1. Creating a budget Quantity surveyors are trained and experienced in the art of construction. They can look at your blueprints and your proposed site, and they can estimate the total cost of your project.